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How to increase female participation in STEM and reduce the long-term equality gap amongst females

The gender bias in STEM is evident in the workforce, and educational attainment as women hold 47% of all jobs, but only 24% of STEM jobs.

STEM is the driving force of the economy, where innovation occurs. It's where creativity is allowed, and it's also the place where people can make a real difference. It is a place to solve the problems of the world. Given the gender bias in STEM, where women hold 47% of all jobs, but only 24% of STEM jobs, institutions need to have women involved in STEM by increasing female participation.

Here are vital methods to increase female participation:

A. Knowing the direct connection is essential for all but particularly women. A study conducted by Microsoft found that 72% of the girls polled said it was vital for them to have jobs that directly helped the world. Therefore showing a direct connection between the sciences and improving humanity's problems, illnesses and disease is a crucial method to increase female participation in STEM.

For example, STEM has accelerated advancement in some of the world's most critical industries, such as logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, farming, and beyond. Science is at the forefront of the global health crisis and has paved the way for the accelerated propulsion of vaccinations and treatments for COVID-19.

B. Increase female participation by creating feelings of welcomeness and inclusivity through a step system. On an individual level, it equips women in political skills to make themselves competitive to create encouraging attitudes and mindsets towards women's place in STEM.

C. Training and developing the department increases female participation on an organisational level. Training deans and managers to be more facilitating the career development of women. Provide resources and support for career development and Equitable policies to create a level playing field.

For example, Hilton Worldwide has rated the top places for women in the country to work with over 53% of female employees. Staff feel that Hilton has modelled a caring atmosphere on all management; from the Executive Team to the property level.

D. Start Early with early exposure to projects, meaningful work, and conversations with women in STEM so girls can see themselves as potential scientists, engineers, and astronauts. Computer Club for Girls (CC4G), set up in 2005 encourages females to develop an interest in computing and technology.

E. Finally, emphasising marginalised peoples. African and Hispanic heritage people have the most interest in STEM but receive less support to pursue. The mentorship scheme set up in 2020 in Two young women from Ilford and Romford has started a mentorship programme to encourage more BAME students to break into STEM fields after successfully doing so themselves.


The methods are actionable, but the most effective implementation to increase women's participation in STEM is at the core.

  • Create healthy foundations for girls to participate in STEM and be resilient enough to withstand challenges to push them out of sync as elements of inequality created by masculine culture.

  • Ingrain maths and science part of girls identity rather than it feeling forced upon them. By creating a sense of vision, confidence, goals, and leadership, women can motivate challenging workplaces.

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